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AquaTech is a nationally accredited Pool Operator Certification class recognized by health codes. This online self study class can be completed at the learner's own pace.  It lays out clear unit objectives with important vocabulary flashcards and reading assignments.  The information in the readings is reinforced through a series of videos, demonstrations, and interactive tools, followed by a summary of the module and a review quiz. Read More

The course entails reading 2 articles on a self-funded modernization of the Pembroke Pines Retirement Village.  The first article is divided into sections with a short knowledge review after each section to ensure the student has a good grasp of the important aspects of the article. The second article is a look back three years later.  There is a knowledge review following the second article that focuses on the positives and the negatives of the modernization. The important part of the reviews is to see if you understand the concepts in the articles.           Read More

These courses include a series of interactive tools, videos, and short review questions designed to help staff provide quicker, safer, and more efficient pool operations. Series includes streamlined operation of: Digital Test Kits, Chemistry Controllers, Chemical Feeders (tablet and liquid), Filtration Systems, Communications and Alert Notification Systems. Read More

This course is designed to help pool operators effectively and professionally manage an aquatic facility of any size.  The first half of the course will outline state and national codes.  The second half gives strategies to building and property managers in order to effectively run a safe, code-compliant, and cost-effective pool. Read More

ORP is the "engine" behind automated control of chlorine or any oxidizer in pools, spas, and water features. ORP control is also mandated in many health codes, but is widely misunderstood. This course provides answers to many of the most common questions, and provides an important primer for anyone responsible for the water quality in a swimming pool or spa. Read More

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